Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spending under the last GOP President vs Obama

Could Romney Run Against Bush?


China: Amid political attacks, Obama congratulates Romney


Obama calls Romney amid growing campaign chaos

 WASHINGTON, May 30 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday congratulated Mitt Romney for clinching the Republican presidential nomination, while their campaign teams attack each other in an increasingly relentless manner.

The two candidates for the 2012 presidential election "had a very good conversation," which was "friendly" but "not particularly long," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on a daily briefing.

During the telephone talk, Obama told Romney that he looked forward to "an important and healthy debate about America's future" between the two in the fall, Carney added.

The president also "wished (former Massachusetts) Governor Romney and his family well throughout the upcoming campaign," he said.

A campaign aide to Romney described the phone call as "brief and cordial."

Late Tuesday, Romney won the Texas primary with no surprise and surpassed the 1,144-delegate threshold he needed to claim the Republican nomination at the party's convention in August.

Since second-placed Republican candidate Rick Santorum dropped off in April, Romney has become the presumptive nominee for the Republican party, and the race between him and Obama has geared up.

William Galston, a U.S. politics expert and senior fellow with think tank Brookings, said job creation and economic recovery will be the master of Obama's fate on his re-election bid.

Both the incumbent's and the challenger's campaign teams have been warring over who would best lead the U.S. economy. Romney's campaign claims the successful private-sector background makes Romney much more suited to improve the economy than the incumbent president.

Obama's campaign argues that the Obama administration has improved the job creation and the economy recovery out of an "inherited burden" left behind be the former administration of George W. Bush.

The president's team also raised doubts over Romney's business background and even released a hard-hitting ad calling Bain Capital, a private equity firm formerly run by Romney, as a job-killing "vampire."

A Gallup survey released Wednesday showed Obama and Romney were currently tied in approvals on the presidential election trail.


Israel: Obama begs the question about GOP Israel support


Obama takes on the 'kishke question'

It's time Republicans were grilled on their support for Israel, U.S. president tells Jewish leaders.

By Natasha Mozgovaya

May is Jewish American Heritage Month, which offered a good opportunity for President Barack Obama to strengthen ties with U.S. Jewish community leaders. On Tuesday the president attended a meeting of some 20 Conservative Jewish community leaders with White House chief of staff Jack Lew. According to the transcript of the meeting provided by the White House, Obama thanked the rabbis and lay leaders for the work...