Saturday, January 21, 2012

India: GM regains top spot

PJ: Short and sweet! It's nice to read good news for a change. Frankly I'm surprised that I haven't seen this story receiving much attention in the American press. I do, however, hear the republican candidates comment (frequently) about the failed(?) policies of the Obama administration. I would like hear from the workers at GM and know what they think about the GOP candidates who have stated that they would not have bailed out the company and that they would have let the industry fail (enjoy the video: ) Other GOP presidential contenders are also on record of opposing the industry bailout ( and this interview from Tea Party power broker Jim DeMint:

The Times of India

GM regains crown as top-selling automaker
Reuters | Jan 21, 2012, 05.02PM IST

DETROIT/TOKYO: General Motors Co regained its title as the world's top-selling automaker in 2011, less than three years after its 2009 taxpayer-funded bankruptcy under the Obama administration.

The Detroit-based automaker's return to the top slot comes as Japanese rival and former No. 1 seller Toyota Motor Corp slips in the rankings after an earthquake in Japan and deadly floods in Thailand hampered its production in 2011.

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