Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Australia: Defeat for a man of questionable convictions

Sydney Morning Herald

Defeat for a man of contradictions

Paul McGeough

Paul McGeough

MITT ROMNEY'S bid for the US presidency failed because voters saw through him – as a candidate the man was a political chameleon.
On his second bid for the White House, Romney held nothing back – last week, a flip-flop; yesterday, a backtrack; today, a retreat; and tomorrow, a sidestep of what he had said last week or last year.
He needed to put Americans at ease about his vast wealth, but whenever he did his foot usually ended up in his mouth. 
A sharply worded editorial in The Washington Post on Sunday argued that the only consistency in the Romney campaign had been the candidate's contempt for the electorate. But that he went so close to becoming president reveals more than we might have expected about the people and politics of the global superpower.


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