Friday, December 7, 2012

Probably my last post....The insanity of the GOP continues

PJ:  After the election, I watched and read so many pieces that outlined the end of the crazy in the GOP that I was a bit skeptical.  Isn't this what pundits said in 2008?  

Sadly, many republicans have drifted into a frightening universe that is so far right and so far wrong that the entertainment value of American politics has left me.  I am saddened by the hatred and misinformation that surfaces on Fox News and fright-talk radio on a daily basis.  I am shocked at the bigotry and vitriol that is evidenced by today's conservative talkers.  Dear readers, the US is not drifting into communisim as the rantings of the hate-filled Sarah Palin insisted in her role as a Fox News expert said the other day.  There is no need to "take your country back!" from other Americans as the right-wing chants since the election of President Obama.  There is no boogie man waiting to control every American citizen holded up in the White House.  There is no reality to back up the fear of "Sharia Law" that so many on the right postulate.  Susan Rice did not cause the greatest scandal since Watergate as Senator John McCain insists.  And no, the UN is not lying in wait to take over the US.   

I do hope that sanity will eventually prevail but I'll not hold my breath.  There is too much unfounded fear and hatred circulating.  A fear and hatred that has been manufactured by a right-wing that has lost perspective; a right-wing  that believes unfounded propaganda; a right-wing that is nursed with a steady diet of misinformation and lies; a right-wing that refuses to accept fact vs the fiction that feeds it.  The party that once supported science and education is now the party that disputes both. 

From Bloomberg

Help Republicans Rescue Their Party From Itself

Cruelty, fear, cowardice, xenophobia and disrespect invaded the inner sanctum of the U.S. government this week, bringing embarrassment and dishonor to what was once the greatest deliberative body in the world: the U.S. Senate.

On Dec. 4, former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, an 89- year-old Republican whose right arm was shattered in combat during World War II, was wheeled into the Senate chamber by his wife to rally support for a United Nations treaty that should have been entirely unobjectionable.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, negotiated under President George W. Bush and signed by more than 150 nations, takes a stand against “discrimination on the basis of disability” and in favor of “respect for inherent dignity.” It’s a largely symbolic document with implementation language that consists mostly of a weak recommendation for “due consideration” of its lofty aims. Even so, with U.S. leadership, it could promote compassion for the disabled in dozens of countries where they are cruelly shunned.

Senator James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican who long ago discredited himself as a serious person by championing junk science on climate change, said on the Senate floor, “This unelected bureaucratic body would pass recommendations that would be forced upon the United States if we were a signatory.”
That’s completely false. Not a single clause or phrase in the treaty impinges on national sovereignty, unless one believes -- as some xenophobic neo-isolationists do -- that the UN itself is a threat to the U.S.

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