Friday, December 21, 2012

UK: An American love affair: Guns, guns and more guns

PJ:  What a pathetic reaction by some in America:  arm teachers...provide tiny children with bullet proof backpacks...more guns not fewer....  Will children eventually have to wear full bodyarmor? Will teachers have to carry their assigned weapons or face disciplinary action? Will everyone in America soon be outfitted with combat gear to go the the cinema?  

This last Sunday, in Florida*, a man complained about the slow service at a pizza take away. Another man took action and shot the unarmed man...twice. The shooter had no history of mental illness and was carrying his weapon legally.  Is this what gun enthusiasts want? What if a teacher took matters of disagreement with...anyone...into their own hands and used their (required) gun to deal with the altercation? Is this the safe world that America wants for their children?


The Independent

Newtown massacre: US races to stock up on weapons ahead of potential new federal ban

Rather than recoiling from the gun, Americans are emptying stores of ‘sporting rifles’ while online prices soar

David Usborne
It is a sad tradition in America that each mass shooting is followed by a surge in gun sales, in part because people calculate they need more firepower to protect themselves. That explains why the days since last Friday have also seen a surge in sales of special backpacks for school children lined with bullet-proof material. Their manufacturers allege they work well as shields in classroom firefights.

Now, however, there is the added fear among gun enthusiasts that new restrictions are around the corner and they had better get the weapons they covet before it’s too late.

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