Wednesday, June 20, 2012

UK: America's embarrassing political reality show family

PJ:  First it was the Mama Grizzly who ran into the limelight with her own reality show (which was right before she began toying with her fans by running around the country in a campaign-styled bus fostering the impression that she would run for the presidency).  Now it is her eldest daughter (who is famous for having been a pregnant teen who can't let go of the spotlight all the while (just like her mother) complaining that the media won't leave her along.  And if that is not enough Palins for the country to watch, soon it will be the 'first dude' in yet another reality show based on military training called 'Stars Earn Stripes"

Won't that mean old media leave this family alone?!    To help out, I suggest that everyone just turn the channel and not bother these poor fame-seeking Palins anymore so they can get on with their very public private lives in the privacy of their commercial fishing boat in the wilds of Alaska.  

The Daily Mail 

Bristol Palin's reality show PANNED as 'the Alaskan Kardashians... but less interesting'

By Daily Mail Reporter
Not even an argument with a loudmouth heckler in a bar can save Bristol Palin's new reality TV show, 'Life's a Tripp.'
Critics have universally panned the Lifetime Network program that follows the oldest daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, along with her 3-year-old son, Tripp. 

The show is Bristol's latest attempt to hang onto the fame she gained in 2008 when she appeared, heavily pregnant and 17, on stage alongside her mother at the Republican National Convention.
Bristol Palin
Vapid: 'Life's a Tripp,' Bristol Palin's new reality show, is said to have very little depth, even though it claims to tackle the difficulties of single motherhood

Sarah Palin
Gamma grizzly: Sarah Palin, the former Alaska Governor, makes several cameos in the show to dispense motherly advice to Bristol

Since the election, she has used her status as a teenage mother to advocate for abstinence, compete on 'Dancing with the Stars' and write her own memoir. 
'Where others might have had the option of part-time work, child rearing and community college, Bristol Palin was apparently forced to go toward the paparazzi’s light,' Hank Stuever writes in the Washington Post.

'Step away from the cameras,' recommends Boston Herald critic Mark A Perigard.

Critics say the show is just not interesting. It's supposed to detail the trials and tribulations of a young single mother trying to make it on her own, but it never actually shows any of those harsh realities.

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