Thursday, June 7, 2012

UK: Do you agree with Sarah Palin

PJ:  Sarah Palin, as usual, turned the Wisconsin recall election into a referendum on President Obama.  I swear, the queen of mean never misses an opportunity to throw some moose droppings at the man in the White House. What the sage of Wasilla neglects to mention is that this election included recalls of members of the Wisconsin legislature. The end result was that the GOP lost their majority in the state house which is now under a democratic majority.  While the governor kept his job, he will have a more difficult time pushing through his lofty conservative agenda with the democrats now controlling the majority in the house.

The Guardian

Do you agree with Sarah Palin that 'Obama's goose is cooked'?

Commenting on Republican Governor Scott Walker's win in Tuesday's recall election in Wisconsin, Sarah Palin said, 'Obama's goose is cooked.' Do you agree?

Sarah Palin cooking
Sarah Palin serving some moose chili
  35.2% Yes
  64.8% No

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