Saturday, June 9, 2012

UK: Wisconsin results

The Economist

Wisconsin’s recall election

It don't mean much

Jun 6th 2012, 21:24 by W.W. | IOWA CITY
WISCONSIN Democrats sought to teach a lesson to Scott Walker, the state's Republican governor, and they failed. The recall election pitted Mr Walker against a challenger he had already bested at the polls, Tom Barrett, the Democratic mayor of Milwaukee. The rematch vote totals showed that the Wisconsin electorate hadn't much changed its mind, which is not especially surprising. The recall was not motivated by the perception of corruption or abuse of power. Rather, it was served up by an aggrieved labour movement as a referendum on Mr Walker's fiscally conservative politics and policy. But that's what regular elections are for. I think Andrew Sullivan puts it well when he says that "The Democrats refused to allow Walker to serve his full term and then seek the judgment of the voters. They acted throughout as if he were somehow illegitimate. They refused the give-and-take of democratic politics, using emergency measures for non-emergency reasons". And it didn't work.

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