Sunday, June 10, 2012

UK: America's favourite TV family is back!

PJ:  No...not another Palin reality show...

Sorry Sarah....
Hat tip for images at tip blogspot Sea4Pee:

Stetsons at the ready – the Ewings are back

After 20 years away, 'Dallas' is returning to TVre1

The shoulder pads have disappeared, but those Stetson hats, big cigars, and oversized egos remain. Twenty years after they disappeared from the airwaves, JR Ewing and his oil-rich Texan cronies are once more invading America's living rooms. A shiny new version of the 1980s soap opera Dallas will be unveiled this week, in an unapologetic effort to recapture the magic that, for a few, highly lucrative years, put Southfork Ranch at the centre of the most-watched drama in television history.
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The Independent

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