Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Canada: And now the attack on the statistician

PJ:  Is the GOP trying to live us to its new image as the anti-science anti-education party?  They've argued with scientists about global warming, have invented bizaare factoids about how a woman's body can deal with rape by shutting down its ability to get pregnant, have claimed that all that stuff about evolution is straight from Hell and now they challenge mathmatics.  

I'm not claiming that math alone will decide who wins the presidential election.  The polls have been confusing and contradictory to say the least.  But perhaps the GOP would be better served to ignore the predictors if they do not believe the math instead of attacking the messanger who tells us what the statistics point toward.

For the party who claims that everyone against their beliefs are 'haters' they sure have been spewing a lot of hate against those who challenge them.
Globe and Mail

Romney supporters pick a new target: statistician Nate Silver 

By Simon Houpt 

When perception is reality, as it is in politics, campaigns try to blunt even the appearance of an opponent’s strength. In the past few days, a number of Mitt Romney’s supporters have taken to attacking the integrity of Nate Silver, a statistician who writes a blog for the New York Times that has been consistently predicting a win for Barack Obama. 


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