Saturday, October 20, 2012

UK: Is it down to the women's vote?

The Guardian

Mitt Romney still struggling to convince Pennsylvania's female voters

Obama's lead has grown smaller in the Democratic-leaning state but women say they are unimpressed by Romney at debates

By Karen McVeigh

Mihok, who did not watch Tuesday's debate but discussed it with friends and read about it afterwards, said Obama put forward a better case for women. "President Obama, with his background and his upbringing, has the opportunity to see first hand what is important to women and their families. Look at the statement about his grandmother training men for positions for which men got higher pay and better promoted, yet she never had that opportunity. That legacy is still around, and it's important to recognise that."

But while that's good news for Obama, Mihok said women's issues would not be at the front of her mind when she came to cast her ballot on 6 November.

She is not alone. Mihok is one of a number of undecided female voters from Pennsylvania whom the Guardian is talking to over the course of the election to find out what is important to them. None of them cited equal pay or social issues as top of the list of things important to their vote, although three out of five cited affordable healthcare as ranking top alongside the economy.

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