Friday, October 12, 2012

UK: Biden's aggressive debate


Vice-presidential debate: Joe Biden attacks Paul Ryan as enemy of the middle class

Joe Biden attacked Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as enemies of the middle class in Thursday night's vice-presidential debate, moving aggressively to stem the bleeding from Barack Obama's campaign for re-election. 

Mr Biden sharply challenged the Republican economic plan where Mr Obama had pulled his punches, claiming that their reform of Medicare, the health scheme for the elderly, would cost each pensioner an extra $6,400 a year and that middle-class voters would fund a tax cut for top-earners.
He generally overpowered Mr Ryan's attempts to plea that ordinary families would not suffer under their tax reforms and that no such Medicare cost hike would take place. “This is what politicians do when they don't have a record to run on,” said Mr Ryan. “Try to scare people into voting for them”.
Asked how their characters meant they offered something unique to American voters, Mr Ryan unsteadily suggested that “there are plenty of fine people who could lead this country”. Summing up his evening's message more decisively, Mr Biden said: “Look at my record - it's been all about the middle class”.

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