Friday, October 12, 2012

UK: Live Blog of VP debate

The Economist

Live-blogging the vice-presidential debate

Oct 12th 2012, 0:51 by The Economist online

Joe Biden was easily the more memorable debater in every way; he was louder, more emotional, lucid, detailed, garrulous, grinning, teary-eyed and just Joe Biden. He sank some real barbs into Romney-Ryan. The Biden that Mr Obama hired in 2008 to excite lower-middle-class types from Scranton showed up and did his job.
Ryan was cool, impressively calm given is unpredictable opponent, and detailed, but seemed reactive much of the night. He could have put Obama-Biden on the spot for their deficit failures more effectively; as it was, more time was spent on how Mr Romney's numbers don't add up (a potential future deficit) than the actual deficit itself. Democrats can walk away with a spring in their step again, confident that the story line is no longer all about Mr Obama's awful showing last week. A modest net positive for the Democrats.

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