Thursday, January 27, 2011

Canada: FOX News and its GOP candidate

The National Post

article printed in its entirety

Choosing the 2012 Fox Party presidential candidate
by Kelly McParland

FrumForum points out that Monday was the fourth anniversary of Barack Obama formally declaring his intention to run for the presidency, but as of yet none of the would-be 2012 Republican candidates has taken the same step.

There are different reasons for this, but one consideration is the fact that so many potential Republican candidates work for Fox TV, and would have to give up their jobs as high-profile pundits, losing the free publicity they get in the bargain.

According to MediaMatters, the value of the free air time they get comes to about $55 million a year. The biggest benefactor is Mike Huckabee, with Sarah Palin in second spot. The candidates/pundits also get paid for their time and would lose that income, though it seems unlikely any would be forced onto the streets as a result.

It’s an indication of how potent a role Fox plays in Republican circles. Imagine if five wanna-be Democrat candidates were all employed by CBS. Having Dan Rather on the payroll in itself inspired decades of snarls about the biased eastern media elite.

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