Thursday, January 27, 2011

Korea: Talking to North Korea

The Korea Times

Any point in talking with NK?
By Michael Breen

"Consider the alternatives. We could do nothing. We could pretend, and hand the talks job over to foreign ministry interns in the five capitals and get those experienced chaps onto more important diplomatic duties. But then we know these two options will prompt North Korea, like a celebrity without a show, to go downhill and do bad things. Like it did last year to South Korea.

"How’s about we just invade? On the night the North shelled Yeonpyeong Island, a government official who will remain nameless suggested to an informal group that we need to send a ``Rambo mission” to take out the Fat One and end this ongoing nightmare. Of course, he didn’t mean it. He wanted it ― wouldn’t we all like to see the video? ― but wasn’t really suggesting it.

"But consider these courses of action for a serious moment, assassination or invasion. Better still, both. But when you ponder the likely consequences, and then stretch the imagination to factor in possible unintended consequences, the reason for the six-party talks becomes apparent."

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