Monday, February 21, 2011

Australia: Palin's Alaska arrives in Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald

Sarah Palin's Alaska, February 17
Bridget McManus

Yeah, this is terrible but not in the way I thought it would be. Don't expect to be excited by Sarah Palin's rugged individualism or appalled by her wittering witlessness (delete as applicable to own political tastes). The only thing this episode is likely to do is keep you pinned to the couch by the sheer force of its monotony. For some strange reason, TLC has decided to start at episode three, which has to be the most boring of the series. Why not start with the real episode one? That's the one where the irony is armpit deep as Palin complains to the camera crew in front of which she parades her children that the reporter who rented the house next door has no business being so close to her kids. Why not episode four? That's the one where Palin restocks her freezer the traditional Alaskan way – by chartering a plane to fly 800 kilometres so she can shoot a caribou she takes six shots to hit. Hell, why not episode five? That's the one where Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8 brings her kids over to go camping. Nope, we get this salmon-fishing snorefest in which Palin and the younger kids (not including Bristol) hang out with the extended family while hubby Todd and son Track go gill-netting.

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