Friday, February 11, 2011

UK: President Donald Trump?!

The Telegraph

PJ: The election of Barrack Obama as President of the United States was met by cheers from many around the world. Most still have a tremendous respect for the President and his policies. But to hear Donald Trump tell the story, you would think that the world is laughing at America. They may indeed be laughing but it is not the President or his administration that are creating the mirth.

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President Donald Trump would be a disaster for Britain
By Alex Singleton

I hate to attack someone as fascinating as Donald Trump, but this is one billionaire who should be kept out of the White House at all costs. Getting into that building seems to be his objective, according to American commentators who have noticed his surprise appearance at yesterday’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington – along with hints over several months. With his effervescent personality and huge television profile, he’s a credible candidate.

So what’s my problem with him? Well, for all his money-making abilities, he seems economically illiterate. He frequently offers succour to protectionists, saying that “fair trade is a much better word than free trade”. He has accused China of “just ripping this country [America] like nobody has ever ripped us before”. Inexplicably, he doesn’t realise that cheap Chinese imports have increased American living standards. And it’s not just China that worries him: he denounced a South Korea-US free trade agreement in order, he claimed, to keep jobs in America. He claims, despite the overwhelming evidence that free trade has been good for his country’s growth and has increased salaries, that the United States is “being taken to the cleaners by our trading partners”.

This would make him a terrible partner for Britain and the other free-market economies who want to expand free trade, as it would be almost impossible to get him to sign any deals. That may be what we expect from President Obama, with his Left-wing supporters, but not from the supposedly enterprise-friendly Republicans. Can’t the Grand Old Party find someone better?

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