Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Middle East (Iran): Difficult challenges in the region

Al Jazeera

PJ: When President Bush promoted the invasion of Iraq, he and his administration assumed that the Iraqis would greet the US with jubilation and that the country would quickly turn to peaceful democracy. While initial excitment about the fall of the government did take place, for many reasons "Mission Accomplished" fell far short of reality.

Now with the unrest in the region, the US has found itself walking a tight rope in supporting the people who are demonstrating for democracy against the tyranical governments that rule them. And while that support is lauded, the US has a much more difficult time ahead in establishing strong diplomatic relationships with people who have spent decades denouncing them.

The following was posted on Al Jazeera and should serve as a reminder that tough times are ahead regardless of democratic ideals spreading throughout the region. It's worth clicking on the link provided to read the comments posted as well.

Bring it on is changed to bring it down

Regardless of all huffing and puffing for change, Today U.S. domestic policy stink and foreign policy is sinking.

Iran has been blessed from adversaries more than his friends, having Turkey on his side can have defence in entire Middle East. Also having friend like Brazil which is the largest country in Latin can have reputation in entire South America.

Zionism puppets in U.S. can buy corrupted UN but, cannot save Israel. The more they cry for Iran nuclear technology, the more they fooled their own with their hypocrisy in the world.

British is weeping to leave Afghanistan and U.S. cannot afford run off because, Taliban would follow them and bring their war in U.S.

Hillary and Obama pleased Israel with their nonsense sanction against Iran but, they never mentioned the cost, never mentioned what they are going to do with Zionism nuclear bomb.

AB from Iran

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