Sunday, February 20, 2011

India: Palin aide plans book


PJ: Sarah Palin remains a curiosity around the world. Global reactions to her thin resume and her apparent lack of knowledge during the 2008 presidential campaign were widespread. Subsequent insubstantial forays into the domestic and international affairs has only deepened the perception that Mrs. Palin may not have the intellect needed to be a world leader. Her rise has many around the world scratching their heads as they watch, with fascination, a politician who, in any other country, would have ceased to garner the attention that Mrs. Palin has amassed.

Former aide attacks Sarah Palin in new book

Washington: A leaked manuscript by one of Sarah Palin's trusted advisers says that former Alaska governor broke state election law during her gubernatorial campaign in 2006.

The unpublished book by Frank Bailey, tentatively called "Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of our Tumultuous Years", was leaked to the media and excerpts making the rounds on the Internet.

The book narrates Bailey's experience of working with Palin, drawing upon thousands of personal e-mails during his time with the former governor and Republican candidate for US vice president in 2008.

In 2006, Palin's political rivals accused her campaign of breaking the law by coordinating a campaign ad with the Republican Governor's Association (RGA) that independently opposed the election of Democrat Tony Knowles.

Complaints were filed with the state campaign finance agency but no violation was ever proved.

Now, Bailey admits the coordinated effort did happen and that although he resisted what he thought to be an illegal activity, others on the staff went along with it and that Palin herself participated in an anti-Knowles TV spot paid for by the RGA, Alaska Dispatch reported.

The manuscript opens with an account of Palin sending Bailey a message saying "I hate this damn job" shortly before she resigned as Alaska's governor in July 2009, less than three years into her four-year term.

The manuscript goes on for nearly 500 pages, a mixture of analysis, gossip and allegation.

The book was co-written with California author Ken Morris and Jeanne Devon of Anchorage, who publishes the popular anti-Palin website Mudflats.

Devon wrote on her website that the "draft manuscript" was leaked without the knowledge or permission of the authors.

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