Friday, February 4, 2011

Canada: Obama and Harper discuss border negotiations, also touch on Egypt

The National Post

Harper, Obama announce ‘new vision’ for border

"Speaking after a bilateral meeting, Harper and Obama both commented on the unfolding crisis in Egypt and provided further details on the “North American perimeter” agreement that they have directed their officials to work on and develop “quickly.”

“We agreed to a new vision for managing our shared responsibilities, not just at the border, but beyond the border,” Mr. Obama told reporters.

"He said the plan will involve finding ways to improve security at the border with better screening measures, new technologies and better information-sharing among law enforcement agencies.

"Mr. Obama said smarter border management is key to job creation and increasing exports and that he’s confident the “new vision”for the Canada-U.S. border will lead to enhanced prosperity for both countries.

On Egypt:

"On the subject of Egypt, Mr. Obama said his administration has made it clear that attacks on reporters, human rights activists and peaceful demonstrators are “unacceptable”and that the Egyptian government has a responsibility to protect its people.

“The future of Egypt will be determined by its people. It’s also clear that there needs to be a transition process that begins now,” Mr. Obama said, adding that the transition must lead to “free and fair elections.”

“The details of transition will be worked out by Egyptians. My understanding is that some discussions have begun, but we are consulting widely within Egypt and with the international community to communicate our strong belief that a successful and orderly transition must be meaningful.”

"Obama said negotiations should include a broad representation of the Egyptian opposition."

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