Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Canada: Speaking out in support of President Obama

National Post

This opinion (printed in its entirety) was response to an opinion piece by Conrad Black (

Obama's speech inspired a nation

Re: A Naive, Sunny Speech To A Gloomy, Withering Country, Conrad Black. Jan. 29.

It is a bit rich that Conrad Black attacks America's corrupt elites, and that a former media baron sees a leftist national media conspiracy under every rock. Barack Obama's presidency has been far from a fiasco. He has extended health care to 32 million Americans. He has provided resources and political support for cutting edge science, for instance, by removing the restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. The Sputnik metaphor was apt. Technology and education are the keys to winning the future. Government investment in green energy, G4 Internet and research and development is necessary.

As Mr. Black concedes, Mr. Obama gave an address that most Americans approve -- he inspired the country. There is nothing to fear Mr. Black. As another great Democratic president, and believer in government investment, Franklin Roosevelt stated: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Daniel Martin, London, Ont.

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