Thursday, February 3, 2011

Canada: Violence in Egypt

The National Post

Fresh spike in violence in Egyptian protests
By Jonathan Wright and Marwa Awad, Reuters

"The United States, which gives Egypt’s army some $1.3 billion a year, has made clear it wants Mubarak out, but has shied away from fully backing the opposition demands for him to leave the presidency immediately. The violence, however, has given fuel to international impatience with their Arab ally.

“This process of transition must start now,” the leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain said in a statement.

"They echoed the message U.S. President Barack Obama said he gave Mr. Mubarak in a phone call on Tuesday.

"The European Union’s foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton said her team had been calling Egypt overnight urging the army to protect the demonstrators and to give access for ambulances.

"A senior U.S. official said “somebody loyal to Mubarak has unleashed these guys to try to intimidate the protesters.”"

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