Sunday, February 6, 2011

UK: Ron Reagan Jr. "Palin not fit to wear my father's boots"

The Telegraph

article printed in its entirety

Sarah Palin is not worthy to fill my father's boots, says Ron Reagan. No, and neither is he
By Damian Thompson

Ronald Reagan was my favourite politician, and like his son Ron I’m uncomfortable with Sarah Palin’s “celebration” of the late president’s 100th birthday, which comes perilously close to hijacking his memory for her own rather confusing ends. Reagan was a class act and the former governor of Alaska… isn’t. Let’s put it no stronger than that.

But before anti-Palin conservatives applaud Ron Reagan for coming to his father’ defence, let’s remind ourselves of what he’s just done. In a new book he has speculated (on slender evidence) that Reagan had symptoms of Alzheimer’s as early as 1981. I’m not saying that this isn’t a legitimate topic of discussion for historians. But to do this to mark the centenary of the kindest and most gentlemanly president of the 20th century – your own father? His old enemies lapped it up, Ron. Hope you’re proud of yourself.

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