Monday, February 7, 2011

Canada: Two very different Republican Presidents

National Post

Reagan vs. Nixon: California's presidents left contrasting legacies

"Mr. Reagan's widow, Nancy, making a rare public appearance, was given a standing ovation as she laid a wreath for her husband. "I know that Ronnie would be thrilled, and is thrilled to have all of you share in his 100th birthday," said the frail-looking 89-year-old. "It doesn't seem possible, but that's what it is." On Monday, the library — fresh from a $15-million renovation—is opening its doors to an expected 10,000 Reagan well-wishers.

"The cake — and the spectacle — will undoubtedly be much less extravagant when another California president, Richard Nixon, turns 100 in 2013.

"Although at Nixon's presidential library—just two hours south of the Reagan library, in Yorba Linda—workers are putting the finishing touches on an early birthday present: A brand new interactive Watergate exhibit. When Mr. Nixon was alive, the privately funded library resisted anything but the barest mention of the scandal. But in 2004, an offer of federal sponsorship prompted the library to relinquish control to the National Archives."

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