Monday, February 7, 2011

Israel: President Obama rises to Middle East challenges


A U.S. accepted by the Arab world is good for Israel

"As a pragmatic president, imbued with ideology but not a romantic, Obama must draw his own conclusions about Egypt: that dictatorships ultimately fall, that the American and Israeli interest is not to get caught in the turmoil that could spin out of control, and that the world's masses of Muslims and Arabs will continue to watch how America treats its closest ally.

"Israel is not Egypt. It is (still ) a democracy for its citizens, and the alliance with it is deeply rooted in American public opinion. Precisely for that reason, the United States must act more decisively in the two countries' common interest: to be accepted in this boiling region. Last week the U.S. president took a historic first step in that direction. Israel should have been happy with Obama's behavior. An America accepted by Arab peoples is also good for Israel. This step must not be the last."

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