Friday, July 27, 2012

Canada: Like Mr. Bean only American

Toronto Star

London 2012: Mitt Romney in London: ‘Kind of like Mr. Bean, only American’

By Lee-Anne Goodman 

Mitt Romney’s trip abroad was meant to illustrate his command of the international stage as he aims to deny U.S. President Barack Obama a second term in November.

Instead, there was this headline Thursday adorning one of the biggest and most respected newspapers in Great Britain, the Guardian: “Mitt Romney’s Olympics blunder stuns No. 10 and hands gift to Obama.”

The Guardian even featured a live blog devoted to Romney ridicule.

“Romney in London,” read one Tweet highlighted on the blog. “Come on. We needed this. It’s a little comic relief. Kind of like Mr. Bean, only he’s an American.”

Indeed, Romney’s visit to the country considered America’s closest ally has been a veritable public relations disaster, one that immediately got off to a bad start when an unnamed adviser told the Daily Telegraph that the candidate’s “Anglo-Saxon heritage” means he can forge closer ties with Britain than Obama.

As Romney tried to distance himself from those remarks, the Republican presidential hopeful set off another firestorm when he suggested London wasn’t properly prepared for the Summer Games.

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