Tuesday, July 31, 2012

UK: Romney travels like Bush without the cospotolitan flair

PJ:  Important to note that The Economist is a very conservative publication. 

The Economist
Mitt Romney abroad

Like Bush, but without the cosmopolitan flair

GEORGE W. BUSH was never much of a CEO, and I'm beginning to think that was part of the reason why he was a pretty good politician. Mitt Romney, by all accounts, was a killer CEO; his campaign so far has been lacklustre, and his first trip abroad has been a bit of a horn-honking, floppy-shoed clown show. After spending several days getting flayed by the British press for insulting the country's handling of the Olympic games, he moved on to Israel, where his campaign promptly involved itself in a diplomatic scandal (this time with actual consequences) over whether it had said that Mr Romney would back a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran. Mr Romney went on to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, a position no American administration has ever taken because discussions over the final status of the city are the most explosive subject in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. Then this morning, at a fund-raising breakfast largely populated by ultra-rich Jewish Americans, Mr Romney managed to suggest that Palestinians are poor because their culture is inferior to that of Jews.

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