Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saudi Arabia: Romney's no rock star

Arab News

Linda Heard
Tuesday 31 July 2012

US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney may be big with the Salt Lake City crowd but he’s clearly out of his depth away from his rah-rah followers. Tall, tanned and suited with the kind of finesse only money can buy, he certainly looks the part. But as my father always used to say, "don’t judge a man by the cut of his cloth." His problem is what comes out of his mouth — and what doesn’t. No wonder his campaign managers have been at their wits' end trying to reestablish what little credibility he has with American voters following his faux pas-strewn visits to the UK and Israel eliciting less than flattering headlines. They’ve got their work cut-out. The Obama camp is doing its best to paint Romney as an embarrassment, a man unfit to lead. When one remembers the rock-star-type adulation Obama received during his visits to Europe in the run-up to his inauguration — even if it turned out to be mostly undeserved given Obama’s backbone doesn’t match up to his rhetoric — they may have a point.
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