Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Germany: Romney trip comes to an end

 DW Akademie

Rocky European trip comes to an end for Romney

American presidential candidate Mitt Romney has completed the final stop of his foreign tour in Poland. Romney's three-country trip will likely be remembered for reasons he'd rather forget. 

Hoping to increase his foreign policy credentials during the trip, Romeny delivered a speech in Warsaw on Tuesday and told the Polish audience not to listen to "the false promise of a government-dominated economy." That's a theme he has stuck to in the US to distance himself from what he considers President Barack Obama's policy of expanding government into the economy.

Romney praised Poland as an example of small government and free enterprise.

His comments in Poland wrapped up a tour of over a week that took Romney to the UK and Israel as well. At each stop, small gaffes caused unwatned headaches for Obama's Republican challenger.,,16132832,00.html

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