Saturday, July 28, 2012

UK: Entering Sarah Palin territory

The Guardian

How furious is Britain at Mitt's insults? I'm going with 'not at all'
Whatever the US media says, Romney's gaffes surely caused amusement, not anger – which could be worse for the GOP
By Oliver Burkeman

Romney's problem is that a few hundred thousand more non-Americans now see him as a figure of fun – the kind of preposterous person who might, for example, commission a commemorative Olympic tie pin in the shape of his own face. That's not a (sorry about this) "game changer", in electoral terms. But it might register.

Romney's supporter Bobby Jindal is now busy doing damage limitation, arguing that it's the voters at home who really matter, not slighted foreigners. That's true (even if it does represent a total reversal by the campaign). But if the voters at home start to think that Romney causes foreigners to laugh at them, things could get serious. At that point, he's in Sarah Palin territory.

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