Saturday, July 28, 2012

Canada: Romney unbelieveably bad first step in foreign diplomacy

National Post

Kelly McParland: Romney’s stumblebum London debut leaves even supporters distraught

Mr. Romney has pledged to make America great again. “If you do not want America to be the strongest nation on Earth, I am not your president. You have that president today,” he told a gathering of U.S. veterans just before heading to Britain. The GOP position is that Mr. Obama is too timid, too accommodating, too naive to be an effective commander-in-chief. Their man would inject a little red blood back into the presidency.

Except he can’t even visit Britain without messing up. London should have been the easiest leg of the trip, which includes Poland and Israel. All he had to do was speak approvingly of the “special relationship,” the inside track with the White House that Brits imagine they enjoy, and maybe sip a pint at a local pub. Place a friendly bet with the PM over the gold medal count. Result: great headlines and a positive start to the trip.

But the candidate bungled it, and now he’s trying to make up for it by sounding especially warlike when it comes to Iran. As president, he said, he wouldn’t rule out a military strike if the Iranians refused to abandon their nuclear ambitions. Mr. Romney told Israel’s Haaretz  that U.S. military action “is by far the least attractive option, but it should not be ruled out. The military option should be evaluated and available if no other course is successful.”

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