Sunday, July 29, 2012

Israel: Romney plays to the (Israeli) base

 Jerusalem Post

Romney: Diplomatic support as important as military

07/30/2012 00:32

Republican presidential hopeful talks tough on Iran but stops short of pledging military action; PM stresses bilateral friendship.

US military and intelligence support for Israel is not enough, and Washington must ensure there is no public diplomatic distance between the two countries so Israel’s adversaries don’t get emboldened, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said Sunday in Jerusalem, in a barely veiled swipe at President Barack Obama.

Romney, who has said repeatedly in recent days that he had no intention of criticizing Obama on foreign soil, did not mention the president by name once in a 20-minute outdoor foreign policy address he gave in the shadows of Jerusalem’s Old City.


After the speech, in comments he made before meeting the prime minister for the second time that day, for dinner, Romney made it a point to refer to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, putting distance between him and the Obama administration, whose spokesmen in recent weeks have been unable to name Israel’s capital.
Chief Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat criticized Romney’s comments.

“Mitt Romney’s words are damaging, they harm peace, stability and security,” Erekat was quoted by Israel Radio as saying. “We reject these statements completely.”

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