Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Romney's overseas adventure: A View from America

New York Daily News

Now misstepping Mitt to twit Vladimir Putin in Poland visit

Romney to give "value of liberty" speech targeting Russian leader and his rollback of democratic reforms. Mitt gets thumbs up from Lech Walesa, but Solidarity union he once led says ex-chief speaks only for himself in backing union foe

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He's angered the Brits, infuriated the Palestinians, and now he’s going after the Russians.
Globe-trotting GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was expected Tuesday to deliver a Cold War-type smackdown of the Russkies — and, by extension, President Obama — with a “value of liberty” speech at Warsaw University.
Romney is expected to attack Russian leader Vladimir Putin for rolling back Democratic reforms — and delicately suggest that Obama is leaving a key ally like Poland in the lurch, though the U.S. is rolling out a permanent military detachment in Poland.
Romney’s remarks, while delivered in Poland, are actually aimed at impressing Polish-American voters back home in key swing states, like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio, that he needs to win in November. People of eastern European descent tend to support the GOP because of Ronald Reagan’s legacy.
In those states, as in Warsaw, there is deep suspicion of Poland’s longtime Russian enemy — and with the Obama administration’s attempts to “reset” the U.S. relationship with Moscow. Romney has called Russia America’s “No. 1 geopolitical foe.”

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