Saturday, July 28, 2012

UK: Romney's not-so special relationship


Mitt Romney's not-so special relationship

Mitt Romney leaves London for Israel on Saturday, the second leg of his foreign tour, presumably hoping he'll get a better reception from the press there. 

His aim, we are told, is to stress the shared values of that country and the USA, a relationship he will say is anchored in tragedy and survival.

Survive is about what he has done in London.

His team are not yet willing to talk on or off the record about the drubbing he got at the hands of the British press.

Not wishing to indulge in even a little face-saving spin must be a sign of deep trauma.

I'm told Mr Romney thought the opening ceremony was "absolutely amazing", and wanted to thank the organisers for a spectacular show.

But as no cameras were allowed near Mr Romney, we don't know how he felt during the Olympics' literally all-dancing celebration of the single-payer health scheme (the NHS).

This musical tribute to what he calls the "European entitlement society" can't have made him stand up and cheer.
The Sun newspaper on Friday 27 July 2012  
Rupert Murdoch's UK Sun newspaper holds nothing back 
Talking about how Mr Romney's visit to London went, aside from the Olympics debacle, may seem rather like that old joke: "Apart from that, how was the play, Mrs Lincoln?"

Read it at the BBC:

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