Sunday, July 29, 2012

UK: Romney's swollen coffers and bruised reputation

The Telegraph

US election 2012: Mitt Romney racks up dollars and gaffes on Olympic tour

As Mitt Romney and Barack Obama head into a $3 billion presidential election, the Republican candidate for the White House will return home from Britain and Israel with a bolstered war chest as well as a bruised reputation.


It is on course to become the most expensive election in history, with at least $3 billion likely to have been spent by the end of this year's battle for the White House.
So even though Mitt Romney may have had an uncomfortable few days in the spotlight while he visited to London, the good news for his campaign was that he was also racking up dollars in the bank.
The Republican challenger for the US presidency managed to annoy his hosts by questioning London's preparedness to host the Olympic Games - a faux pas that had him mocked by Boris Johnson, criticised by Carl Lewis and derided in newspaper headlines both in Britain and at home.
But in the race between him and President Barack Obama for money, now in full swing, London was none the less a lucrative pit-stop.
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