Saturday, July 28, 2012

UK: Was Sarah Palin in charge of Olympic flags

The Telegraph

London 2012 Olympics: did they really put Sarah Palin in charge of flags?

With Mitt Romney in town and busy making friends, it feels like a very long time since anyone on the Republican ticket had a gift for blurting out foolish remarks. 

By Matthew Norman

Yet mature readers with elephantine memories may recall a certain Governor of Alaska who once ran for vice-president of the United States.
If you’ve been wondering what the blazes has become of Sarah Palin, I think I have the answer. She may — and one can be no more definitive than this — have been handed the post of commander-in-chief of Olympic national flags.
Admittedly this is inspired guesswork based on a scene in Game Change, the magnificent docudrama about her time as John McCain’s running mate. The film reveals several instances of endearing ignorance, among them her conviction that the Queen doubles up as British Prime Minister. But the relevant highlight here is her utter bewilderment when informed, by the poor sod prepping her for media interviews, that North and South Korea are separate countries.
To the one-time Alaskan TV sportscaster, the 38th parallel, if anything at all, was a pair of bars used in a novel, multidimensional addition to the roster of gymnastic disciplines. Hence, perhaps, the fiasco of Wednesday that drove North Korea’s female footballers from the pitch for an hour in great umbrage at the pre-match appearance, in an introductory video on the giant screen, of the South Korean flag.

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