Tuesday, July 31, 2012

UK: Poland's Solidarity joins China in Romney citicism

The London Evening Standard
Now Poland's Solidarity and China blast Romney

By Joe Murphy

Mitt Romney's tour met more controversy today as he clashed with the Solidarity trade union in Poland and was criticised by the Chinese for remarks made earlier in Israel.

The Republican presidential hopeful was preparing a speech on security and foreign policy which his supporters hope will bring his first major overseas visit to a successful conclusion after a gaffe-strewn start.
However, the former Massachusetts governor seemed unable to escape accusations of clumsiness. China seized on his statement that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel as “hawkish” and insensitive, saying that it ignored Palestinian claims to the eastern sector of the ancient city, which is holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians. Mr Romney was accused of racist comments after another row in which he claimed cultural differences explained why Israel’s economy was more successful than the Palestinian economy.

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