Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Greece: The republican myth about Obama's european socialism

Obama's European Socialist Empire

By Yannis Palaiologos
Yannis Palaiologos is a journalist in Athens, Greece.

On the idea that Europeans were brought low because of their devotion to socialism and its wicked ways, again the facts beg to differ. As we saw above, it was not “socialism” that led to Spain’s big crash. Nor did Ireland end up needing official assistance to pay off its debts because of governments spending too much on entitlements (it was because of banks lending to much to construction companies). 


In short, the view of Obama as a European-style socialist—and of European socialism itself entailed in the Republican attack on the president—is an extreme caricature. The Ryan pick means that the Republican ticket will emphasize variations of it in their attempt to convince voters that they offer revival where the incumbent offers decline. It is an argument that deserves to be ignored.

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