Sunday, August 19, 2012

Video: Hypocrisy alert: When republicans supported a stimulus

PJ:  Republicans supported a stimulus in 2002, they voted for it and they promoted it under President George W. Bush. They believed a stimulus would work when they were in control of both houses of Congress and the White House.  

In 2002, Congressman Paul Ryan (now Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential pick) defended Bush's stimulus:

"We've got to get the engine of economic growth growing again because we now know, because of recession, we don't have the revenues that we wanted to, we don't have the revenues we need, to fix Medicare, to fix Social Security, to fix these issues. We've got to get Americans back to work. Then the surpluses come back, then the jobs come back. That is the constructive answer we're trying to accomplish here on, yes, a bipartisan basis. I urge members to drop the demagoguery and to pass this bill to help us work together to get the American people back to work and help those people who've lost their jobs,"  Paul Ryan.

"It's more than just giving someone an unemployment check," he said then. "It's also helping those people with their health insurance while they've lost their jobs and more important than just that unemployment check, it's to do what we can to give people a paycheck." Paul Ryan

While Obama has been in office, Ryan voted against extending unemployment benefits and against helping laid-off workers pay for health insurance by subsidizing COBRA payments.*  He has repeatedly claimed that (under Obama) stimulus does not work and calls it "wasteful spending" (even as he was requesting such funds for his home district.**

I wonder why republicans had been opposed to a stimulus during the worst economic collapse since the great depression.  Could it be that they did not want it to it possible that they did not want the man in the White House to succeed even at the expense of the American people?  Power does indeed corrupt and in this case it is the desire to return to power that seems to have corrupted the GOP.

Watch as Bush praises the Stimulus bill passed under a Republican controlled Congress:!


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