Saturday, August 18, 2012

UK: Ryan practices that old political trick--when you get caught, blame your staff

The Daily Mail

Now Paul Ryan admits he DID ask for millions in Obama stimulus money - after TWICE denying it

  • Ryan says his office asked the federal government for stimulus grant money after twice saying he did not ask for the funds
  • Ryan wasn't alone, as Republican lawmakers Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson also asked for stimulus funds after rejecting the plan
  • Ryan and Romney both believe that the stimulus plan did little to create jobs in the private sector
By Toby Harnden

Paul Ryan, the Republican vice-presidential candidate, has admitted that he sought millions of dollars in federal government economic stimulus cash after twice denying he had done so.

The embarrassing reversal was the first major campaign trail mistake made by the Wisconsin congressman and came as a new poll showed that he had put his home state into play for Mitt Romney, who is now leading President Barack Obama there.

Ryan said that he had forgotten that his office had sent letters, which were signed by him, to the US Energy and Labour departments asking for money from the stimulus programme on behalf of two Wisconsin companies.

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