Thursday, August 30, 2012

UK: "Ryan baldly lied"

The Guardian

Paul Ryan's speech: a round-up of his most audacious untruths

Mitt Romney's running mate made a series of attacks against Obama, from Medicare to GM. But did he get his facts straight?
In his barnstormer of a speech to the swooning crowd at the Republican national convention on Wednesday night, Paul Ryan laid a mound of misdeeds at President Obama's door. To sustained applause from the floor, the vice-presidential candidate accused Obama of raiding Medicare, lying to auto workers and turning his back on the poor. But the speech (transcript here) was not always at pains to adhere to the historical record. At times, we are disappointed to report, Ryan baldly lied. Here's a round-up of Ryan's most audacious untruths:

Read it at The Guardian:

Also not to be missed... from satirist Andy Borowitz of The New Yorker

Ryan Launches Campaign Theme of Lying About Everything

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