Sunday, August 19, 2012

UK: America's insane defense of their gun culture

The Independent

America's blight to bear arms

With the US gripped in a guns epidemic, even massacres rarely lead to new controls and only the insane talk sense

David Usborne

It's US election time and politicians everywhere are practising their rhetoric of American exceptionalism – the shining beacon on the hill. So let's allow that they are right. This country does stand out. It is gun-toting, magazine-clipping, barrel-silencing crazy. It's an unhappy, blood-smeared distinction laid out for you in the graphics on this page.

An examination of America's deadly-weapons epidemic is due, of course, because of the slaughters in a Colorado cinema on 20 July, and, one week ago, the rampage at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Two more to add to the already long mass-shootings list, 19 more lives lost. Also due is some intelligent conversation and, you might think, action.

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