Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's about time someone defended him. Bravo Jonathan Caphart

PJ:  Watching from outside the US, reading articles in the foreign press as well as the US press, I am surprised that more people haven't pointed out the obvious:  that President Obama has suffered an endless barrage of mud slinging from the GOP over the last four years.  Bravo to Jonathan Capehart for the following column.

It may have started with 'pallin around with terrorists' from the nation's famous pig pitbull with may have been exacerbated by Mitch McConnell's battle cry to do everything in his power to make Obama a one-term may have been the blustery voice of Rush Limbaugh who said on numerous occassions, "I want him to fail" might have been Glenn Beck who said that the President hated white might have been all of the Fox News personalities promoting the idea that the man was not an American and held socialist beliefs and hated business and was 'hell bent on destroying the country' that was the most blatant attempt to demonize the President.  It might also have been the left that took to voicing their dismay that they didn't get EVERYTHING that they had wanted and that the President was trying too hard to be bi-partisan rather than just plowing through legislation that was on THEIR wish list.  

Whatever started the hoopla, the mud has been steadily flying.  So much so that great accomplishments by this President get shoved under the rug.  If President Obama had not acted, the US would likely be in a deep depression not a recover and GM would be gone as would thousands of jobs associated with them (both in the industry and in the communities where they exist).  Bin Laden might still be in his lair and al-Qa'ida would not be in its weakened position since Obama is the one who ordered the relentless attacks against them.  If Presient Obama had not fought for a change to America's health-care system, Americans with pre-existing health conditions would still be denied coverage and family members who were over 21 would be on their own to try to find health coverage since they would have been booted off their parent's insurance--which would be not small feat given the state of unemployment affecting the young. (For a list of accomplishments be go to this link:

President Obama has shown the world that America doesn't have to be the war-monger that it had been since George W. Bush put so many of its own citizens and innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq in peril.  For that alone, President Obama deserves a huge thank you not a raspberry from the Romney campaign.

If John McCain had been elected, the war in Iraq would likely still be raging and more debt would have been amassed to pay for it. In addition there would likely be two more armed conflicts in Syria and in Iran.  And don't get me started on the damage that Sarah Palin would have done to America's reputation around the globe.

Washington Post

Mitt Romney’s ‘divisive and angry’ turn

After nearly four years of that, of relentless obstruction, recalcitrance and rudeness from the GOP and his own campaign, Romney can spare me the dramatic recitation of his scripted outrage about a “campaign of division and anger and hate.”

Read it at The Washington Post:

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