Thursday, August 16, 2012

Report about how the media really reports on Obama

PJ:  For decades, the right-wing in the US has whined about liberal media bias.  A case in point: after the 2008 election, I talked to a republican friend in California who (without blinking) told me that the media bought the election for Barrack Obama.  Ultra-conservative Fox News, one of the biggest news sources in the US, constantly throws their billion dollar opinion behind that narrative  even though Fox now qualifies as the biggest member in that raging media river.  No big surprise,  my republican friend used all the Fox talking points in her claim.

Watching from afar, I do not see the world of American political reporting in the same way.  I do not see that the media is in the tank for progressives or this President in particular.  I hear more from talking heads on the right than from talking heads on the left on most of the major news outlets with the exception of MSNBC (although they do host the mainly conservative Morning Joe show and can claim the balanced reporting of their chief political correspondent Chuck Todd).  I often wonder why conservative claims of a 'failed presidency', a 'failed stimulus', and a 'failed recovery' go unchallenged on the MSM.  Why doesn't this supposed 'liberal media' not offer the opposing opinion of the debate.   It's a bit frustrating to watch conservatives given free rein to their vitriol without any kind of check and certainly no balance to their claims.  Sure, there are fact checking organizations.  But you have to actually read their analysis to know if a claim is deemed true or false.  The mainstream media rarely reports these findings with the exception of Fox News who delightedly reports only those false claims made by liberal commentators.  

So how does the media fair in its fair reporting?  While Fox News blasts away unencumbered at any and all progressives, does the rest of the media really give President Obama a free ride as those on the right claim?  

How the Media Covered the 2012 Primary Campaign

Barack Obama

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