Friday, August 17, 2012

UK: Romney claims to have never paid less than 13% in taxes

PJ: I find it strange that if Mr. Romney has nothing to hide, why not follow his father's example and release his tax returns?  Is he afraid that the normal voter will not appreciate his ability to shelter his income in off-shore accounts? He is obviously not ashamed of paying the low rate of 13% when average Americans pay well over 30%. Why not share the method that his accountants used to bring his tax rate so low?  His fellow citizens might be able to learn something that could benefit them.  After all, the average American could use the extra cash. When you think about it, even after paying millions in taxes, Mitt Romney is still a very wealthy man. He and his wife need never worry about paying the gas bill.  The the average 35% taxpayer in the US does worry about paying that bill as well as helping their kids pay for university and putting food on the table and generally making ends meet. Heck, even if Mitt Romney paid at the 35% tax rate on his $30 million annual income (of his $250 million dollar fortune), his family would still be in the 1% and would still afford the lifestyle of the rich and famous. 

Come on Mitt, share your tax returns so that all Americans can benefit from your secrets.   

The Telegraph

Mitt Romney: 'I've never paid less than 13 per cent tax in last ten years'

Mitt Romney finally moved to confront the relentless speculation over his tax affairs last night by promising that he had never paid less than 13 per cent tax on his personal fortune over the last ten years.

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