Saturday, September 22, 2012

Israel: Romney's leaked mideast peace pessimism draws muted response


Romney’s Mideast peace pessimism draws muted response from U.S. Jewish groups

The Republican presidential candidate's remarks in a leaked video on the Israel-Palestine conflict drew some headlines, but not much noise from centrist Jewish groups.


Without directly criticizing Romney, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the Union of Reform Judaism’s new president, said that U.S. leadership required action in the short term, not just the long term. 

“We need to do concrete things every day, not naively and not with sacrificing the safety and security of Israel -- although safety and security for Israel means two states,” Jacobs said. “Our tradition requires us to do difficult things in the world. There is no benefit to delaying.” 

Jacobs said that even when peacemaking was stalled, there were incremental actions the parties could undertake.

Read it at Haaretz:

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