Sunday, September 30, 2012

Middle East: Fears of Taliban returning

Al Jazeera

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Kabul - A City of Hope and Fear
With the US set to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan in 2014, what does the future hold for the country's capital?

By filmmaker John D McHugh

In two years time, the people of Kabul will again watch a superpower’s troops pack up and leave.

As they withdraw, much of the aid money that has kept this country afloat for the last ten years will go with them. That could totally undermine the already fragile confidence of the Afghan business community; several company bosses - and not a few politicians - are known to be quietly planning their departure.

As for Kabul, whether the Taliban could actually retake the capital after 2014 is still open to question. But as we found, most people here expect them to try.

With worsening security and a government losing legitimacy, all-out civil war is a very real threat.

If that happens, the progress the city has made in the last decade could again be thrown into reverse – and this time it might never recover.

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