Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UK: Mitt Romney's very bad week

The Guardian

Romney suffers fresh blow in second day of fallout from leaked video

Crude analysis of Israel-Palestinian conflict comes the day after damaging '47%' remarks from secretly recorded video

Mitt Romney refused to apologise on Tuesday for describing 47% of Americans as government-dependent "victims" in a covertly recorded video that has thrown his presidential campaign into disarray.
In an attempt to save his campaign from ruin, Romney went on the Republican-friendly Fox News network just as the rightwing Drudge Report published excerpts from a 1998 tape showing Barack Obama favouring "redistribution".

The apparently co-ordinated attempt to stem the crisis from the video, published on the Mother Jones website, followed a stumbling press conference on Monday night in which Romney tried to defend comments made at a fundraiser in Florida.

A second clip was released on Tuesday in which Romney is heard setting out his views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, claiming the Palestinians are not interested in peace.

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