Saturday, September 15, 2012

UK: Romney's foriegn foray

The Guardian

Romney's foreign policy misstep draws unwanted attention to key advisers

Perhaps realising he can't win the election campaigning solely on the economy, Mitt Romney ventured into an area where Obama is strongest – only to emerged badly bruised.

While Americans are primarily concerned about unemployment, they also seek reassurance that a candidate is up to the job of being commander-in-chief. It is the concern that Hillary Clinton tapped into during the 2008 campaign when she put out an attack ad against Barack Obama asking who Americans would want answering the 3am crisis call to the White House.

Romney has been widely judged to have failed that test this week, not just by the Democrats and the media, but also by foreign policy experts and even many Republicans who are maintaining a tactful silence. By launching his ill-timed and inaccurate attempt on the administration's Middle East policy, he looked like he was trying to score political points while a crisis was unfolding in which Americans had been killed.

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