Saturday, September 1, 2012

UK: "Mytho-man hits the road"

The Guardian

Mitt Romney: mytho-man hits the road

The Republican presidential candidate is miles away from where he needs to be to unseat Obama from the White House
They set out on their long trek with two deeply mendacious speeches. Mr Ryan's lies were more barefaced: he blamed the incumbent president for the closure of a General Motors plant which went belly up under his predecessor. Mr Romney's rewriting of recent history was just as bold. According to him, the Republicans in Congress accepted Mr Obama's victory in 2008 and, being the good and generous people that they are, rallied round his presidency. They did not block everything he did, or threaten to send government finances over a cliff, twice. The most partisan and obstructionist opposition in history has all been one giant misunderstanding. In a similar vein, Bain Capital was a "small" company that "helped" other businesses. The man with more wealth than the eight most recent presidents combined ended this section by reaching out to Americans on two jobs at $9 an hour. The hallucinogen powerful enough to cast Mr Romney as a man of the poor has not yet been confected.

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